TQSC focus

Engineering Management

Operation Management

Solution Research

TQSC Focus

With MT Solution, we use Total Quality System Coverage (TQSC) to ensure successful manufacturing related processes, from development, production and launch, and to next generation. TQSC covers the following processes and functions to secure the success of our clients.

Product verification and qualification

NPI (New Product Introduction)

Production efficiency

Quality system

Supply Chain management

Services, RMA, defects

Lessons learned, BPIAC

Engineering Management

Our senior engineers in EE/ME and Quality provide tailored solutions from product design to line improvement.

ME designers for product design and review

Tooling engineers for tool design and DFM review

QE/QA engineers for quality management

Yields and manufacturing efficiency improvement

Operation Management

We help clients to manage manufacturing sites for complex quality and supply chain challenges.

Forecasting & Delivery management

COS management
Logistic optimization
Inventory ownership

Factory management Quality control Production efficiency

Solution Research

With our integrated network and great relationship from raw materials innovation, new application technology to manufacturing partners we offer various and effective improvement recommendations to ensure successful deliverables

New material application research and recommendation

New technology and process research

Equipment/Device Selling and Service